Download the VRBO Agreement


  • Please respect that we service a large client base. Each and every client is important to us.  Last minute schedule changes or other requirements cannot always be accommodated.
  • We require entire time allotment between guests (with same day check out/in).
  • We must be advised, in advance, if an early check in has been granted to a guest, and what time they are expected to arrive.
  • No late check outs or early check ins on same day turnarounds.
  • Extra fees will apply for Sunday same day turnarounds
  • A full set of keys/codes to the property including supply storage areas.
  • Contact names and numbers in case of property emergencies
  • Water main shut off valves and electrical box locations
  • A list of all requirements for the property (i.e. 6 towels and washcloths and 4 spare rolls of TP in each bathroom, etc.)
  • Using a shared Google Calendar with Maid It! with full access for all guest appointments to ensure accuracy of cleaning schedule
  • Check in/out times for guests
  • List of guest requirements for the house (pets/children allowed, smoking, maximum capacity, and so forth) so we may notify you of anything found outside those parameters


  • Have several sets of extra keys or codes to get into your property. Hide/keep them where they can be accessed by your guests or the cleaning service in the case of lost/misplaced keys or emergencies
  • Be aware not all guests will respect your property. Things will be broken, stolen, misused, or thrown away.  If there are items in your house that, if in the case of misuse or unfortunate act, you would be upset to lose, lock it up or remove it from the property.  Accidents can and do happen.
  • Charge guests a cleaning fee. This can help cover the costs of additional cleaning/replacement costs for damage without having to go through an insurance claim.
  • Depending on the online rental sites used to advertise the property, you may want to consider a damage deposit.
  • Make a “picture book” of what you want each room of the house to look like for guests.

Other Recommendations:

  • Buy good quality sheets and towels. These will endure the worst of guests and the repeated laundering.  IKEA has, in our opinion, the best quality for a very good price
  • Consider different colors/patterns for each sized bed.
  • Same colored sheets should be labeled (in a corner) for size
  • Be prepared to buy more linens during the busy season
  • Buy extra pillow cases. Have at least 2 additional pillowcases per bed available for backup.
  • Buy DARK colored towels. We do not use industrial chemicals to wash/bleach the laundry, and dark colors conceal stains left by dirt, grease, or make-up.
  • Have a locked closet/cabinet/area large enough to hold extra linens, soaps and supplies.
  • DO NOT have the guests “start the laundry”. It is common practice that guests strip the beds and deposit the used linens in a designated location in the house.  Laundry left in washers and dryers can be missed and may mold or mildew.
  • DO have guests leave a note to advise you or the cleaning people of unusual laundry concerns so that it may be addressed properly. Bodies sometime do gross things unexpectedly.
  • Buy duvets with duvet covers. Comforters with fiberfill don’t launder well and end up lumpy and unattractive.  Duvet covers are far easier to maintain or replace if necessary.