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By MaidIt 10 months ago
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I’m a mom. What’s the “Mom’s Credo”?

~If I want something done, I have to do it myself.~

I see you women nodding your heads, flashbacking on the many incidents where you asked and expected someone else to do their part.  And it didn’t get done.  Or if it did, it was half-assed.  Whether it’s in your home, or your neighborhood, or city, or state…there are only a handful of people that get sh*t done.  It’s the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule.  20% of the people get 80% of the work done.  Or as I see it, 20% of the people are causing 80% of the problems.

On a broader scale, this is also true.  Look at our government!  It is a “representative” government.  We elect people to go do the job for the rest of us.  They volunteer to go to Washington to put in our two cents.

But do they?

I have speculated innumerable times (especially in recent years) about what it IS that our elected officials actually DO with their time in office.  I’ve considered the possibility that it’s an elite club.  They make quite a bit of money (by my income’s standard) and if they get in with the right clique, they make a lot more.  For what exactly?  How often have they campaigned on particular issues that “we the people” thought were important, only to have that issue all but evaporate when they take their seat?  But we keep reelecting them because we really don’t want that job.

I’m not going to try to interpret the Constitution and the job descriptions of our politicians.  I think we can all agree that some are good and some are bad and some….who KNOWS what they do?

Here’s what I DO know.  Voter apathy has gotten us into this sticky wicket.  Not just at the polls, but in holding our delegates accountable.  We CAN keep their feet to the fire.  We saw evidence of this in the 2018 midterms when the voting public changed things, much to the surprise of more than a few politicians.

As our government has devolved into playground bullying, tongue thrusting, name-calling, and rock-throwing…wait.  That’s not fair to kids because THEY get along better than the adults in this picture.  What has become QUITE clear to me is…they’re not doing what we voted them in to do.  Regardless of your civic leanings, absolutely nothing is getting done.  And while they fight with each other, dinner is burning, the dog pooped in the living room, and the toddler is playing in it.

Our house is a mess.

The point I’m driving at is that we can no longer entrust our interests to a few people.  It’s obvious to me that once there, they lose site of “home”.  And if we want to get things done, nobody else is going to do it.  Americans are TERRIBLE at accountability.  We happily throw anyone and everyone under the bus, because responsibility is a heavy burden.  But this is a burden we all must bear.  We have allowed the bad behavior.   And it’s going to take a BIG can of “Whoop Ass!” to get this back on track.

So, if you want climate change to be addressed earnestly, or our roads to be repaired, or minimum wages to be raised, or health insurance to actually be affordable…YOU have to speak up.  YOUR voice.  YOUR actions.  Nobody else is going to do it.

If you don’t like how your representative(s) are handling the affairs of government, call them….often.  When their phones ring, they get nervous.  If we want them to truly act on our behalf as citizens, we have to REMIND them (repeatedly…like a mother to her children) of the job we gave them to do.  Because nobody else is going to do it.

If you hate the look of the garbage in your local parks, go clean it up.  How about the punks that break into cars at night?  Form a neighborhood watch group.  Go meet and greet your neighbors! Join the groups that represent causes that are important to you.

When we have CHILDREN taking up the mantle of a global cause, that’s when I know the adults have left the building.  Watch 16-year-old Greta Thunberg speak to the Austrian World Summit in Vienna on May 30th


We have to pull out the “parent mode” and start cleaning house.  The party that has happened while we were away has wrought some havoc.  Things are broken and there is devastation in every corner.  Calling all moms!  Looks like we have to do it ourselves.


Because nobody else is going to do it.


~“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
~Albert Einstein


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