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By MaidIt 11 months ago
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I’m an addict.  I know this now that I don’t have a place to garden anymore.  My previous landlord decided to sell the house I’d been renting for almost a decade last winter.  I didn’t think about the yard much then, but now that the weather has warmed up, I find myself with “nothing” to do.

That’s not true, of course.  I have PLENTY to do.  Running a housecleaning business is crazy busy this time of year.  But gardening was my pressure valve…my stress reliever.  I could go outside and dig weeds or till my vegetable bed or literally pound sand.  I could get a snoot-full of lilacs and visit with the neighbors as everyone emerged from their winter cocoons to cheerily talk of the plans for the new season.  I am missing that dearly right now.

I went to a nursery that is close by (that I honestly didn’t even know existed) on Mother’s Day (a yearly tradition) and bought a few flowers for some patio pots.  But I have no yard, no veggie bed, no herb garden…or my flowers.  This time of year, I would wear myself OUT digging and planting and thinning.  It was awesome therapy for all that ailed me.  Now all I have is a tiny patio and a few pots that will have to do.

I was the “Tomato Lady” of our block.  I would build what I called “Tomato Fort Knox”. I started doing this when I realized how much fruit the squirrels were taking.  My crop quadrupled the first year…just sayin.  I’d make this goofy looking fence with chicken wire and rough-hewn fence pickets with a way to open it and either weed or harvest.  Rain and sunshine could get through, but it stopped the hail pretty well!  And the squirrels?  I took great joy and pride in watching them try to get in or get the fruit through the chicken wire. They made me laugh and feel accomplished especially when I thought that the rest of my life was falling apart.

This is a good analogy for life in general.  Block the bad stuff, as much as we can, but let the sun shine through.

It’s also important to KNOW exactly how our food is grown. We all hear about the dangers of using chemicals in our gardens, but I am still surprised at how much they are STILL used!  Why can’t we connect the dots between the chronic illnesses and the toxic chemicals on and in the food we buy or grow?  Just because it looks and tastes good doesn’t mean that it can’t harm us.  Think of all the lawsuits against Monsanto going on right now.  This is legit!  The chemicals used to fertilize and kill bugs (some are good you know) STAY on the plants and in the ground.  That has been proven.  So, when you or your kids or your pets eat the food, it gets in you too.  Your body reacts to defend itself.  Maybe you don’t feel anything but know…it is there.  And cumulatively, it can build up.  Eventually, illness persists.  And NOBODY seems to associate it to food that has been eaten.  It’s as direct a causation as there can be.  Remember the phrase…”garbage in, garbage out.”

If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s an article on greening up your garden:

When I talk about “Green Gardening” there’s more to it than just the non-toxic part.  For me, it helped me DEtox.  To get the rough day out of my system so I could forge on the next.  It taught me patience in a world where almost everything is instant.  From food to news…it’s all right there at our fingertips.  Gardening requires that we prepare, and tend, and plant and nurture.  And wait.


“It takes patience to nurture patience.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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