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By Amy Willard 1 month ago
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We often hear the phrase, “I’ve been blessed with good health.”  It’s pretty much guaranteed that whoever utters this statement has not always been healthy.  In fact, I would bet that at some point they either experienced, or were close to someone with, very poor health.  This is why they know they are blessed.

Sometimes it’s a battle, like with chronic or progressive diseases such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.  Other times we must  “get through” cold and flu season with the family.  Returning to feeling better physically (and mentally) can be very hard work.  It’s a practice, not a gift.  Like brushing your teeth every day or changing the oil in your car, maintenance is worth the effort.

What Can You Do?

While the media informs us about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and becoming a world health issue, don’t panic!  One thing is clear: it’s here and it’s spreading quickly.  It is hard to know if our government is prepared for a large outbreak, so be safe, not sorry.  Trusting your family’s health to others just isn’t good sense.  What can YOU do?  Start good habits NOW!

Here is an informative article to help you…

Don’t Wait…Be Proactive!

Additionally you can also:

  • Avoid big box stores and places where sick people are likely to be: big box stores, doctors’ offices (if it’s a routine visit, maybe reschedule), pharmacies, parks and playgrounds
  • Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often. No need for fancy anti-bacterial cleansers and hand sanitizers because they actually don’t work as well.


Google “Bread Experiment” …ew.


  • Travel by car when possible, instead of air. Or reschedule your vacation plans.
  • Air out your home on warmish days by opening some windows and doors to let fresh air circulate.  There’s a reason winter is when we all tend to get sick.
  • Launder those bedsheets especially if someone has been ill.  Hot water, thank you.
  • When you’re cleaning, be sure to wipe down doorknobs, handrails, and remote controls.  Pay attention to where your family puts their hands.
  • If you use sanitizing wipes, you must rinse the area as well (it’s in the instructions!), especially if it’s an area where food is prepared or eaten.
  • Stay home if you’re sick.  Most likely it’s NOT Covid-19, but if you’re not sure, mask up and get tested.
  • Stock up on non-perishable quality food in case there are quarantines.
  • Pay attention to where you’ve been and with whom you have had contact. Jot that down.  If you’ve traveled to areas in the US where the virus is, make notes just in case.


Preparation is NEVER a waste of time. Crossing your fingers is.

Be smart about your health and you may start some good lifelong habits that will have you saying,


“I’m blessed with good health.”




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