Fur Balls…a Down Side of Having Pets

By Amy Willard 2 months ago
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Our pets. Our fur babies…so much LOVE! ❤️  So much HAIR! 🥴

Keeping up with it can be a daunting task.  This time of year when we have our animals indoors with us more often than not, it’s an added burden to the housecleaning.  While a goodly portion of “dust” is skin cells we humans have shed, fur from our pets is their equivalent.  Whichever way one looks at it, it needs to be cleaned up and disposed of.  And there are *many* companies with products designed to “help” you with this task.  I’m here to tell you that most of that stuff…is hooey.  You CAN keep up with your pet’s shedding without spending a small fortune with things you probably have around the house.

Let’s start with the obvious: your vacuum cleaner.  Hopefully, yours has some sort of hose.  Small uprights like Shark or Dyson leave you with fuzz balls lurking behind the furniture only to roll out as soon as you’ve put it away.  With the hose portion, you can jab it in behind your couch and under the tables to get those tumbling tumbleweeds of discarded pelt.  Pet fur can clog up your appliance quickly.  To make the best use of your  vacuum, keep it clean.  Empty it often, and clean the brush roller.  (I think I have another blog post here).

If you have a more complete vacuum, one with attachments and a hose, find your hard floor (or parquet) brush. You can use this brush on your furniture to clear off pet hair.  Brush in one direction, pick off the fur and discard, repeat.  It sounds tedious, but it actually works pretty quickly.

Lint rollers…A GODSEND of the modern world.  While not really earth friendly, they can help with the more delicate surfaces like decorative pillows and shams, curtains, or your guest’s backside.

Don’t have one handy? Most people have a roll of packing tape or duct tape hanging around.   Roll some, mummy style, around your hand sticky side out and either “pat” the surfaces clean or if wrapped loosely enough, the tape can slide around your hand as you swipe the surfaces to be de-fuzzed.  This works great when your black wool coat or slacks need some attention too.

A clean, but slightly dampened microfiber towel will also help remove hair.  Avoid cotton towels as they are linty themselves.  Tea towels or floursack dishtowels work ok too.  Again, swipe in one direction, don’t “scrub” or you will drive it in further.

Lastly…a natural bristle hair brush (with a flat surface as opposed to rounded) can do the trick.  Do you have one to groom your pets at home?  Clean it out first, obviously, then brush the item you need to clean.  Using a regular hair comb can help clean the brush out too…

Gimmicky Products…Save your money.

Don’t buy the Special Pet Hair Remover version of ANY vacuum. Not only will you spend anywhere from $50-100 more for it, it is a gimmick only.  The “special feature” is a rubber bar added to the brush roller of the machine that works via static electricity.  What happens when you rub a balloon on someone’s head…?  Except once the roller has attracted a bunch of hair to it, it gets caught up in the neighboring brush bar and voila, it’s coated with hair and useless…within minutes.  Also, there is no such thing as “self-cleaning” vacuums.  That, my friends, is a fantasy…especially if you have pets and children.

Pet hair sponges.  Advertised as a quick way to remove pet hair.  They do!  BUT…you rinse them off in the sink aaaaaaand…hair clog in your drain.  Plumbers are very expensive.

Special grooming tools for your pets.  Do your animals let you sit down and brush them?  Can you actually finish grooming them?  My guess is no.  They either think it’s play-time or it takes too long and they get up and go.  I have 2 cats that will tolerate it as long as they think they are being petted.  One false move and it’s a fight.

We can’t stop our beloved pets from shedding any more than  we can keep all the hair on our own heads.  It’s a fact of having our fur babies and people who are animal lovers know this.  Regular upkeep is the key, just like anything else.


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