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Hi there! My name is Amy and I’ve been getting paid to clean for over 25 years.  It started as a side gig to my bartending job to make more money, but then, when I picked up more and more cleaning work, it was to get off the night shift.  I was a single mom and the difference in schedules between school days and work nights was brutal.  But I did it.  It’s what moms

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Housecleaning is Skilled labor

“…Am I being cheap or unrealistic that $17-20 an hour for house cleaning seems a little high?  I’m not trying to be rude by any means as I understand it can potentially be physically demanding work, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing that requires a college degree education.” This appeared on a Facebook post not long ago, and I have to admit, it got me a little steamed.  Technically, no, one does not

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What does it mean to be Bonded?

Bonding…what IS that anyway?  Friends and family tell us to hire someone who is “bonded” to be safe.  Bonding is what could be called “theft insurance”.  Different than liability insurance, it’s a separate policy that reputable companies invest in.  It means that the work is truly guaranteed and backed up with insurance. Say a handy man has asked for half down on your new kitchen project.  The estimate was for $10K, so you give him

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News & Information

Time Flies

May vanished. And June is halfway over. Suddenly the snow is gone. Although, there are still spots of gloomy weather hanging over the city, like the rainstorm Monday morning, even with the heat chasing away most of the clouds. The weather is warm enough—sometimes even hotly oppressive—to support gardening now, too. Lettuce, tomatoes, and chives are all starting to grow. My strawberry patch is even trying to do something. Quite the impressive feat, especially since

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General Cleaning Tips

Spring Is In The Air

Spring brings to mind fresh air, blooming daffodils and tulips, bursts of warm temperatures, and the occasional snowstorm. It also brings up the desire to clean—sorting through the clutter lingering in the coat closet and the digital dust clinging to the website. The slush from a spring snowstorm creeping into the house and the gloomy overcast can make cleaning of any sort unappealing. But the sudden bursts of snowy weather don’t mean the clutter or

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