10 Reasons You Need Cleaning Services

By MaidIt 9 months ago
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Spring has sprung! We can open windows and doors! We long to be outside hiking or playing in the park, or getting the yard and garden ready for another growing season.  It’s also when many consider hiring someone to help with spring cleaning as the feeling of “fresh starts” fills our minds. The thought can be fleeting, as the extra expense would seem to add to our already stressful lives.  It’s a common belief that having a housecleaning service is a luxury; however, the reality is that your home needs periodic cleaning, and …do you REALLY want to do it?  Do you have time?  More and more families have decided that having a service is a necessity.

Cleaning has to be done, no doubt.  Some people really do enjoy it.  I do.  But if you’re in the majority that does not like digging out the rags and cleaners, vacuums and mops, and spending a (probably weekend) day getting it done, then consider hiring a service.

So, here is why you should hire a housecleaning service!

1. We’re professionals.  We’ll get it done faster than you.  In, out, done.

2. We’re not going to get distracted by the phone, the mail, the kids’ closets, the dog, the cat, the laundry, the Goodwill box, lunch, next week’s dentist appointments….you get the point.

3. How many arguments pop up about taking the trash out or cleaning the bathroom? All the fighting is frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was less fighting? With the kids. With your spouse. With yourself.

4. It’s Earth Month!  Do something nice for the planet!  We did our research. We’re green and earth-friendly. (Good for kids, cats, and dogs.) Let us show you that green can take care of the big guns without toxic chemicals.

5. Speaking of cats and dogs… The animal hair! Could you make another animal with all the stray fur floating around? Keeping up with that is a full-time job in and of itself! We’ll even vacuum the pet beds if you like!

6. Look around your house at all the different cleaning products… Three or four for the kitchen, at least two for the bathroom, dusting products, mops, brooms, a vacuum, special rags, candles and air fresheners. All those products. All those fragrances. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend your money on that?

7. How often do you clean out your vacuum? Dump the bag or bin. How about cleaning off the brush roller? Replace the filters? The belt? We maintain ours at least twice a week. Vacuums are supposed to suck. Does yours?

8. You know you’ve always wanted to try it. We don’t require year-long contracts. We can work with most budgets and households. Our clients include teachers, seniors, military, work-from-home professionals, retirees, and firefighters!

9. Maid It! Green Housecleaning is a locally owned, Colorado company.  The owner is a Colorado Springs native.  We’ve been serving the Pikes Peak region for 11 years.

10.  We do drug testing and background checks.  We are fully insured and bonded…for your security and safety.  And you’ll probably meet the owner!  🙂

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