Green Housekeeping

Maid It! Green Housecleaning is committed to helping those who wish to lighten their environmental impact.  We encourage and educate on the value of non-toxic cleaning solutions and methods.  With our attention to detail, you’ll receive a quality service that is both healthy and efficient.  Our solutions work in every room so your home will not have conflicting scents of bathroom, kitchen, and furniture cleaning products.  You can relax and breathe easier knowing that your house is truly clean!

Why Should You Think Green?

As a three-time cancer survivor, I DID the research.  Many products claim to be green, but they really are not.  I learned about the things we use every day and take for granted.  The average cleaning product has something like 300 toxic/carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals.  Not only are we exposed to them through the skin and inhalation, we rinse them down the drain to be processed back into our drinking water only to ingest it as well.  You don’t want to drink someone else’s Scrubbing Bubbles™, do you?

“You and your company do such an amazing job. Thank you!!”

Nicolle L.
(mother of preemie twins)

Healthy Bodies!

We concentrate on whole health.  Mother Nature has given us everything we could possibly need to be sparkly, shiny and disinfected, not to mention smelling great!!

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